On Love and Balance

Love happens on it’s own. Everything else takes balance.

from Lux et Amour

from Lux et Amour


Peyton and I make a point to keep our home (and our lives) healthy, loving, lively, and peaceful. To do that takes a lot of balancing. I’m a pretty high-strung person most of the time. Peyton is a pretty level-headed and calm person most of the time. I’ve realized through our relationship that neither demeanor is better or worse, it’s just important that both are balanced, equalized, by the other.

For instance, I love entertaining. I think one of the reasons I like it so much is that it allows me to get really OCD and frantic for a while, and totally have an excuse. When we have friends over for dinner, I’ll obsess over every little detail: candles lit, floor swept, appetizers prepped, hanging lights on in the backyard, mood music, etc. Peyton always reminds me that all of that stuff is just lagniappe, that our friends really just want to spend time with us and that’s all I need to worry about. That this is supposed to be fun, not work. It’s little things like that, you know, that keep the balance.

Our weekends usually consist of cooking a delicious meal for ourselves or friends, long walks with our boxer pup Beaujie, listening to music, writing and just talking with each other. During the week we are both teachers, and our work hours are too long, our nights too short. Every moment together is cherished.

Our house (for the moment, as we move around often) is a little wabi-sabi shotgun, close to the levee. We can hear the steamboats pass by, honking their baritone horns. We can see rats run hither-to and there on the telephone wires at night, against the orange-tinted New Orleans sky. We both love reading and being outdoors, and whenever we can do those two things at the same time, we’re the happiest kids in the world.


Our favorite things: sleeping in, cooking, car camping, hiking, writing, reading, long walks, rum cocktails, boxer dogs, big coats, trinkets, new kitchen tools, iced coffee, date nights, fireflies, cocktail de camarones, being near an ocean, being near the mountains, autumn, full moons, good shoes, warm blankets, traveling, exploring, campfire stories, campfires, okra, fried shrimp po-boys (dressed), San Pellingrino, honey mustard, avocado, entertaining friends, laughing, cuddling, watching movies, neat hotels, tree houses, tucked-away towns, the New Orleans skyline, Louisiana hot sauce, over-easy fried eggs, raspberries, good music, rivers, legends, barefooting around a yard, do-it-yourself, adventures and explorations, ice water, and good vibes.

From one balancing act to another,



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