Feeling Kind of Funky

I feel like my whole life is determined by hormones sometimes. During pregnancy, mine have been making me feel pretty good for the most part. Since the beginning I’ve been (mostly) relaxed, less anxious, happy, and laughing. However, late summertime never fails to bring me down. I don’t know why. It’s like I have Seasonal Affective Disorder in the wrong season. Maybe it’s the fact that I have a lot of time at the house by myself. Maybe it’s that it’s too hot for me to really enjoy the outdoors. Whatever the case, my S.A.D. was hijacked by my hormones, sending me into a


You know the word. Your mom has used it to describe your mopy behavior when you were a teen. You have used it to describe your husband’s mood after the Superbowl and before the first days of spring. It’s not the good kind of funk. It’s the kind that makes you stare at your sock drawer for 30 minutes thinking “I hate all of my socks,” and not wanting to answer phone calls from your best friends. The good news is: there are ways out of the funk! You just have to remember what works.

Photo by mayan toledano.

Photo by mayan toledano.

Here’s my step-by-step.


“It’s no wonder you feel funky walking around in your PJs or workout clothes all day!” (That’s what the little voice inside my head said to me one morning.) It does wonders for how we feel about ourselves to put on our nice clothes, blow dry our hair, and put on makeup if you choose to wear it. Total boost of energy and feel-good vibes.

2. Find a meaningful hobby.

I am not suggesting you start collecting rocks. But, starting up something new can quickly alter a negative energy build up. Some things you could start doing: learn how to bake bread, plant a new plant in your yard (or a bunch of new plants!), start an arts-and-crafts project to give to someone as a gift (like staining Mason jars?), open a new book that has been recommended to you, etc.

3. Have a “you” day.

Forget everyone else! Sometimes we get into funks because we’ve been ignoring our own needs for a while. Let’s remember there’s a balance to everything–even selflessness. Go get a pedicure, or even better, a massage! If you can’t swing a massage bill right now, get in the tub with a bunch of yummy candles and turn up your favorite band’s best album. Indulge in a treat and don’t let yourself feel guilty even for a minute. Binge-watch your guilty pleasure show on Netflix (Kardashians, anyone?) Or… just go be by yourself somewhere. The mall, the aquarium, whatever. Treat yo’self.

4. Draw out a new routine or change your wardrobe.

Funks sometimes happen because of monotony. We get wrapped up in the same-ole-same-ole and it’s by nature depressing. So change it up. Decide you–forever an early riser–are going to do some sleeping in to catch up on Zz’s. Work out in the morning instead of the afternoon. Block 2 hours out of your day for meditation and writing. Don’t go straight for the fridge to cook dinner when you get home from work. Instead, sit on the back porch with someone you love (that someone can be yourself) and feel the night. Sometimes we do a lot of changing on the inside and forget to make that change on the outside as well. If this is the case, change up your wardrobe to match how you feel. Do you really want to wear that dress and those wedges, or is your heart screaming for boyfriend jeans and Birkenstocks? Wear purple lipstick! Be brave!

6. Take a trip.

If you can afford to do so, this is always a no-fail option for getting out of a funk. Bring along someone who makes you happy.

7. Redecorate.

The living room, your bedroom, whatever. Get some new throw pillows. OR throw your old throw pillows away. Move your utensil drawer from one side of the kitchen to another. Slight changes in the chi of a room will change your mood.

8. Go shopping or watch comedy.

Some of us like shopping, some of us like comedy. If you like both, do both! It’s a quick high, but nonetheless worth it when you’re funky.

9. Drink a cold glass of ice water.

It cleanses the system and de-funk-ifies the stomach. Sometimes we get funky because our gut is funky. Speaking of funky guts–have you had your kale today? Eating healthy helps everything.

10. Change your playlist.

I get bored sometimes with even my most favorite bands and their songs. Nothing is good to keep on repeat for too long. Explore a new artist or go back to your favorite band from a time in your life that you feel was happy. Don’t be afraid to listen to Alanis Morissette again after all these years–turn it up and sing along!

11. Go on a run or a long drive.

If you run, do it. Don’t delay. It will totally re-wire your brain (at least for a day). Start a new running schedule for yourself if you’ve gotten out of the loop. Start slow, and build up to where you were when you felt like you were at your best. If you don’t run, taking a drive or a walk can help. It’s the peaceful change-of-scenery thing. Just don’t dwell on any negative thoughts while you’re at it.

12. Say a prayer.

Put it in God’s hands. Tell him you’re fed up with being funky and you want to be able to carry out his plans for you with a happy heart. Never fails.

13. Get off social media. Get off your phone while you’re at it.

Remember the days when people could actually eat dinner without looking at their phone? Try a cell phone diet for at least 24 hours. Only check your phone when it actually RINGS. Sounds novel, right? We know what you’re doing on your phone–checking out other people’s Instagram and thinking about how much fun they are having. Well, if you get off your phone, maybe you can have some fun of your own. Sounds harsh, but I have to be very strict with myself these days.

14. Tell your husband/closest friend/sister/mom how you are feeling. Ask them to let you vent.

They’re here for you. Even though the big brave person inside you says you can handle it. Sometimes everyone needs a little help.

15. Make a list of your goals for the next week, month, year.

Then decide how to make them happen. Sometimes we need a visual aid to remind us of what we want to accomplish. These goals could range from starting your own company to simply cleaning out the bathroom sink. No matter how big or small, our goals help us through life by pushing us forward, aka out of funks, and into the places we want to be. Not all of our goals pan out right away (or ever) but thinking about what you want to happen in your life is the first step to making it happen for real.

Just a quick note: If your symptoms persist and this list doesn’t help at all, you could be experiencing depression, so call your doctor. Get help. I’ve been there. I was diagnosed with depression when I was eighteen. The medicine (that I took only temporarily) was the only thing that helped–and BOY did it help. It’s completely normal to get a little off-balance on the inside sometimes and need pharmaceutical/psychological assistance.

I hope this helps those of you feelin’ a little funky lately,


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