What I Learned From Moving

We are currently (still) in the process of moving into our new home. I’m so happy to finally have a dishwasher and central A/C. I know the baby will be happy with these things, too. We absolutely love our new house and feel so blessed to be in it.


The things we have done: unpacked many boxes, organized closets, our kitchen, purchased a rug, a coffee table, hung some artwork, put together our electronics, transferred the Internet, set up the security system, called for replacement water filters for our fridge, planted some elephant ears, introduced Beaujolais to our backyard, figured out the light switches, …

The things we need to do: unpack a few boxes, clean out the old house for dust and dirt, get a box spring for the guest bedroom, clean the baby clothes, set up the crib, unpack two boxes, get drapes for the bedroom and back door, …

Things we want to do: purchase a new door (maybe a bright bold color), get a fire pit for the backyard, plant a garden, spend an entire weekend in the house doing nothing for the first time

And, I’ve learned something very important during this move…


Throughout life in this country we tend to collect a lot of unnecessary junk. Wal-Mart has a sale on cooking utensils and so we buy more. We see a cute wallet at the store and decided to buy it even though we already had one that worked fine. We need a specific pair of shoes for a specific activity we are doing on a specific vacation. Whatever the case is, I found that I had so much junk that I had kept around not using. Junk in my closet, junk in the kitchen, junk stuffed in my desk drawers, junk makeup, junk souvenirs, junk scarves, junk everything! I was kind of disgusted with myself.

While moving (not before like I should have) I started purging. I got rid of so much stuff that at one point in my life I thought was a good idea to purchase. I realized I never needed any of it. Not when I bought it, and not now. What a waste and what a bad habit! I decided from now on, I’m going to be a very conscious consumer. I will not buy things that aren’t necessary. I won’t let things I don’t wear or don’t use pile up and around me like a mountain of American guilt. I’m done with it. I’ll wear my PJs until they are worn out, and then I’ll replace them. I’ll use the kitchen tools I already have, and only get new ones if they are broken. I’m going to live a less cluttered life.

Thankfully, it’s a good time to start in this new place.

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