This is just a fun post. You hear a lot of about pregnant women and their crazy cravings. Pickles and ice cream? Hot sauce and bologna? Now that I’m in to my 3rd trimester (according to some charts), I’d like to share my so-far history of cravings in an ordered list. Now, these aren’t just foods that sounded good to eat, like how normally you get a “craving” for Mexican food or something like that. These were like, obssessive thoughts that would return to my mind over and over again until I satiated the craving!! I actually cried once or twice when I wasn’t able to eat exactly what I was craving. It sounds pathetic, but if you’ve been pregnant before, hopefully you can sympathize!

Happy reading!

Trimester 1

grilled cheese

peanut butter


apple juice

ice cold water

bagel and cream cheese

scrambled eggs with toast and jelly (morning, noon, and night!)

cold hummus



prunes/dried apricots dipped in peanut butter

blueberry pop tarts (substituted the organic kind with fewer additives)

sour punch straws

cheddar cheese chunks

cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza

turkey sandwich with mayo and ice burg lettuce

avocado on toast

veggie sushi rolls

Trimester 2

peanut butter, chocolate, and banana milk shakes from Pinkberry

Snapple Peach Iced Tea (only drank one the whole time but craved constantly)

avocado spread on toast


farmer’s market tomatoes, farmer’s market tomato sandwiches

cinnamon sugar Eggo waffles (indulged only once but they are still in the freezer!)

cold mozzarella cheese, feta cheese


smoked summer sausage




cold cottage cheese with balsamic vinegar and saltine crackers

ice cream sandwiches

chocolate graham crackers

cream of mushroom soup dumped on rice (probably super gross to non-pregnant me)

veggie lasagna

pimento cheese

sandwiches with pickles and BBQ sauce

yellow mustard

fried chicken – (I substituted bread crumb crusted baked chicken “tenders” for this one)

tangy pink berry ice cream flavors like raspberry

bean burritos

fruit strips (like fruit leather, etc.)

Trimester 3  (so far…)

watermelon x 100,000

farmer’s market tomatoes, Mmmmm!

strawberry jam on toast

hot fudge sundae


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