I’m back … and PREGNANT!

Hey fellow bloggers, family members, and random followers…

I’m back after a very long hiatus. Reason for the hiatus?

On January 13th 2015, Peyton and I found out that we will be welcoming a new Burgess into our lives. Yes. I’m pregnant!


This unexpected blessing has turned our lives upside down and then right side up again. Our futures have unfolded before our eyes in ways we never expected. For instance, Peyton got hired full-time at Loyola not long after we found out about the baby. I decided to pursue my teaching career for real. We realized we needed to move out of our tiny shotgun, which led us to buying a house! So many changes, so many blessings, so many things to do, and to be thankful for right now.

Today I’m 26 weeks and four days along in the pregnancy. I’ve survived the nausea, the food aversions, and the headaches of the first trimester. I’ve sailed through the second trimester laughing and eating my way through tons of juicy strawberries and containers of cottage cheese. Now, I’m on the cusp of the third trimester and getting bigger and more excited every day.

I’ll post again this week with more details. For now, here’s a list of things that are currently making this pregnant lady very happy.

1. My husband’s affection, love, and support.

2. The support of our family and friends.

3. Local peaches and tomatoes from the fruit stand on River Road.

4. Watching LOST with Peyton. Yes, we are a little late on this one but we are both so enthralled. Also it’s a great flashback to 2005; the rhinestone tank tops, thick belts, and flip phones.

5. Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap.

6. My homemade toner which helps with pregnancy acne (which I’m sporting on my face and back). 1/4 cup Witch Hazel, 10 dashes of lavender/tea tree essential oil.

7. SLEEPING. It also helps if you have ultra comfy pajamas.

8. Air conditioner

9. The Berry Berry Green smoothie at D’Juice here in New Orleans. (PACKED with green veggies – so good for baby.)

10. My awesome Doula, Kimberly Davis.

More later. Tonight I’m making chicken and broccoli stir-fry for the three of us. 😉

Be well,



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