Just A Month Away…


It’s October 1. The wedding is officially one month away.It doesn’t look like October in New Orleans yet, but regardless, it’s my most favorite month, most favorite season. I smell pumpkin bread and burning leaves already. Today, I am doubly excited that Peyton and I will always have our anniversary in the autumn.

But… if the wedding were a baby, this would be the part where Peyton and I are having the WORST contractions, but we are not yet ready to push. What a funny image, Peyton having contractions.

In most recent news, our diet has gone over splendidly. It’s very easy (even at restaurants) to eat gluten free and sugar free. I think Peyton and I have both already lost some inches ’round the mid section. We’ve been cooking most nights. Our kitchen is lively and warm tonight, we’re baking flounder and cooking lentils and okra along with it. The only tough part of this diet, for me, is the no cheese part. Oh, god, how I miss my cheese!

Anyway… I’m going to keep this short. Don’t expect lots of posts between today, October 1, and November 1. My to-do list is full, and the wedding bells are ringing in the distance.

Til much later,



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