Full Harvest Moon

Tomorrow night, September 8, we will be able to see a full harvest moon.



Among the spiritual implications, this moon is important to me, personally. First of all, my favorite season is autumn. It always has been. Like many others, not only do I love when the summer heat finally breaks, but I’m mesmerized by autumnal happenings. The leaves changing, falling, the smell of leaves burning, the moon through the nearly-bare trees, the autumnal rains. There’s something so spiritual about autumn, that I usually spend the entire month (or two) of it in a state of complete bliss. Nothing can put me in a bad mood, everything feels magical and like an experience I’ll want to remember.

This is probably why Peyton and I decided to get married November first in Fayetteville, AR. He loves fall too, and unlike New Orleans, Fayetteville really experiences the season’s change. The tree tops look like they are on fire in October! The cool mountain air in the autumn is indescribable.

Here’s my full harvest moon playlist, for your listening pleasure tomorrow night (or tonight!) Maybe where you are, the weather has already cooled, and some leaves are escaping the trees an falling onto your porch. Maybe you can sit beneath the sky in a thick cardigan, sipping apple cider and/or whiskey, and look forward to your future, thankful for the season’s change.



From one moon child to another,


P.S. I was born on a full moon, and it’s said that pregnant women often go into labor during full moons. Makes sense to me!



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