How To Exersize Like The French


 I work at a French school.

I’m an English teacher, and each day, week, month, year, I’m amazed to learn about the various cultural differences between the French teachers and the English teachers. Right off the bat, I noticed that the French take their time rather than rushing. Americans are always rushing. Hey, it’s not our fault! We live in a world that moves quickly, so we have to keep up with the pace. However, it’s important to slow down sometimes, and take note of other cultures and how they operate.


One thing I find absolutely uplifting, in regards to French women and exercising:

Instead of thinking of life in terms of a series of obligations, French women view life as a series of optional pleasures.

For instance, all forms of exercise must be enjoyable! Wow, that sounds so foreign to us! It’s not about disciplining yourself when it comes to physical movement, but about finding what works for you, what you enjoy, and incorporating it into your daily routine. Walking up and down the stairs at work, helping your friend move some boxes, dancing to the radio at night with your husband…

That way, you never beat yourself up about missing out on the gym, because you’ve found ways to incorporate exercise into your life without even having to change out of your little black dress.

Read this article, and see if it changes your perspective. I think we can all take some cues from the French women… especially on this topic.

Oh, and be happy.

From one living-room dancer to another,




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